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Dust Bowl 

The Dust Bowl exhibit covers the "Great Plains" area affected by the Dust Bowl. The viewer is introduced to the plains region and the wildlife occupying the area. Visitors can view displays on Native Americans, early cattle drives and ranching. They can learn about the opportunities that brought the settlers west and the development of the plains to rangeland and then agriculture and farming. Government involvement and the education of those using the lands, round out the exhibits. There are several hands-on aspects of the displays that help make this an enjoyable and educational part of the museum. This exhibit is currently open to the public but under development and construction.


The XIT Museum provides an introduction to the native wildlife in the northwest corner of the Texas Panhandle with dioramas and educational programs for school children.

XIT Ranch

The XIT display covers topics ranging from the Texas State Capitol construction, to the XIT ranch operations and later sales of the XIT lands for settlement and farming.

Hilmar Cheese

Hilmar Cheese and DairyMax have put together an exciting hands-on informative display describing the local dairy/cheese industry.

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